September 03. 2018 | By Wayne Jessup

Photo by Matthew Woods

It’s no secret that we burn the midnight oil here at the Nest and we’re particularly fond of what we’ll call ‘3am music,’ that hazy, narcotic goodness that makes you review poor life decisions by the dawn’s early light. Toronto’s Poor You operate in that space, perched somewhere between Galaxie 500 and Acetone, dreamy and bittersweet, regretful but with a ray of hope in the corner.

On the heels of a scrappy demo tape and a split with Joncro, the trio, Chris Borges, Julia Noel, and Fraser McLean, released an EP in May, Lucky To Be Here, with a recording assist from Toronto DIY tape label Lootbag Records. In just five tracks, they build a gauzy universe, with lead cut “A Product of Efficiency” setting a somber tone. “Instrumental” and “Killing The Band” crank up the intensity, giving a feel of what they’ll sound like live. The title track insinuates itself into every fiber and the band achieves liftoff with closer “Wake Up It’s Late.” We’ll patiently await a full-length record from these guys…very patiently.

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