HEAR THIS: Methyl Ethel

March 25. 2016 | By Wayne Jessup
Photo by Pilerats

Photo by Pilerats

Australia continues to fight above its weight class in providing standout bands in comparison to its total population. This time out, the spotlight is on the good city of Perth, providing us with Methyl Ethel. What started out as Jake Webb’s bedroom project has morphed into a full-blooded unit, alternating between dreamy noise and edgy rhythms. “Idee Fixe” is the attention getting slow burner from their LP Oh Inhuman Spectacle, recently released on 4AD. Fresh from opening for Courtney Barnett down under, and turning more than a few heads over here at SXSW, it’s our turn, as Popscene and Flood present the band at the Rickshaw Stop on Friday, March 25th. The guys round out their time in North America at the Bardot in Los Angeles on March 28th and Barboza in Seattle on March 30th.

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