HEAR THIS: Metal Mother

October 07. 2011 | By Sean Morris

Was Oakland’s Tara Tati intentionally trying to throw listeners for a loop when she named her current endeavor Metal Mother and chose a font right up The Scorpions‘ alley? This is definitely not 21st Century hair metal. Celtic folk meets dream pop meets trip-hop in a supernatural love potion so down-to-earth that Tati spends most of the (NSFW) video for “Shake” singing inside a tree. Primal percussion and ghostly vocals provide the foundation, adorned with everything from spooky sound effects to reverential sitars and horns. Bonfire Diaries, her most recent release, is a hearty meal of down and mid-tempo odes to intimacy, spirituality, and other special herb and crystal-related activities. Metal Mother will undoubtedly be the soundtrack to many nights in dim dorm rooms, and if advertisers come calling, afternoons in antiseptic coffee franchises. Fans of multifaceted, impossible to categorize artists like Bat for Lashes should be prepared for intoxicating sounds from Tara Tati, and befuddled looks from hair metal fans.

Check out Metal Mother‘s video for “Shake”:

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