HEAR THIS: Melody’s Echo Chamber

July 18. 2012 | By Jon Allmond

While the ’60s happened long before The Owl Mag even became an idea, that doesn’t mean that some of us Owls don’t appreciate a good psychedelic rock track when we hear one.

Now we don’t know how long upcoming singer/songwriter Melody Prochet has been a fan of the genre but after listening to her first single under Melody’s Echo Chamber titled “Crystalized” we were instantly taken back. The track is full of distortion and enveloped by a soothing, possibly drug-induced haze that’s provided by groovy bass lines and guitar riffs, lo-fi undertones, and of course Melody’s hypnotic voice. It was also mixed by Kevin Parker of Tame Impala which may have something to do with the overall vibe of the song. It almost goes without saying, but we’re definitely eager to hear more from this refreshing new artist.

Melody’s Echo Chamber – “Crystallized” by FatPossum

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