June 02. 2016 | By Cervante Pope

*photos by Rhyan Santos

Bringing just the right amount of smoke filled club, glum-in-the-sun Southern California attitude, L.A. Witch have a perfected mastery of goth-garage, setting them apart from the others in this endless see of reverbed rock. More like a lifestyle than a genre, these ladies effortlessly ooze a coolness unlike what average humans possess.

Songs like “You Love Nothing” and “Kill My Baby Tonight” are low key lessons in witchcraft, while “Heart of Darkness” is a spell sang atop slightly country western elements.

Their debut 7” Drive Your Car may only house two songs, but they pack enough power (along with their other singles) to garner the attention and praise of current tour mates the Kills.

Hopefully we’ll be seeing more music from them soon but until then, bask in the darkness.

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