HEAR THIS: “Knock Me On The Head” by Stornoway

January 03. 2013 | By Jason Jurgens


4AD notes that Stornoway‘s new album, Tales From Terra Firma (out 3/13), “marks a significant progression from Beachcomber’s both compositionally, instrumentally and, in particular, lyrically.” We have to admit, we were perfectly happy with where they were with Beachcomber’s Windowsill.

On first listen of this preview track, “Knock Me On the Head,” they actually seem to pick up where Beachcomber’s left off; expert lyrics, acoustic layering, the ohs and ahs of melodic pop. Here, they show a willingness to experiment with varying tempos, descending into an atmospheric bridge; whereas before they might have just ridden one tempo to the end. We’re anxious to hear more.

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