HEAR THIS: I, Us, & We

March 09. 2016 | By Dustin Ragucos

I, Us, & We

I, Us, & We interact with the world like it’s an alien place, making their reactions to concepts like love and freedom crushing. The LA-based dream pop group might feel incredibly numb, but that doesn’t stop them from occupying their musical space with sounds of tractor beams and colorful blips. When they sing of their loves not knowing their hearts for guns (“Trigger”) or how “love is for the dreamers of today” (“Lanterns”) they become the scientists observing emotional anatomy for the first time, shocked in their realization that mankind revolves around mutual care. In their reflection, the keys they use hark the end of our world (“Alive,” “Free”), but it’s a beautiful end. The band’s forthcoming EP Ceremonies is slated for a Spring release.

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