July 16. 2012 | By Jennifer Shields

We, the music savvy, have been saturated with new bands trying to be heard. Sometimes all these new bands can be hard for us to process. HOTT MT has gone to awesome lengths to stomp their stamp in the music scene. After travelling for 22 hours straight by car to deliver a birthday present to The Flaming Lips’ Wayne Coyne, he invited them in and recorded a song and video with them. That’s awfully nice of him right? We’re so glad he did because their collaboration illuminated something special.

It’s likely you’ve never heard anything like HOTT MT. They categorize themselves as thai-gaze (insert confused look here.) Vocalist Ashi Dail purrs into your ear letting you know that they have made this place in the music scene for themselves and they’re not going anywhere.

The result of their leap-of-faith road trip is below. Enjoy.

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