HEAR THIS: Hot Flash Heat Wave

July 09. 2014 | By Nori Bell-Bhuiyan

hot flash 1

The San Francisco based foursome, Hot Flash Heat Wave, like to describe their style as ‘gutter pop moon rock’ – not a genre we can honestly say I’ve encountered before. We’d describe it as power pop blended in with summer-beach-time surf rock and a bit of feel good neo-psych. All round it’s a pretty smiley affair, good for a spot of late-afternoon fading sun relaxation before the dance tracks kick in.

The groups self-titled six-track EP features the twangy surfer-paradise track “Turning Blue”, the pysch-influenced swirls and distant harmonies of “Slam Dance” and “Rum Runner” and a cheerful drum intro into the loud and fun-lovingly raucous “Dirty Dreamer (XXX)”. Overall it’s a cherry, youthful record that leaves the door open for Hot Flash Heat Wave to grow their sound and hone their talent.

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