HEAR THIS: Gold Class

August 23. 2017 | By Wayne Jessup

Photo by Paige Clark

Continuing our deep Nest obsession with Melbourne, Australia, the latest thing to catch our attention is the new Gold Class LP Drum, out now on felte, and currently on endless repeat here. At every possible juncture when you think guitar bands are over, someone comes along to smack the back of your head to make you think otherwise. Wiry and¬†relentless, Drum leads off with a one-two punch of “Twist In The Dark” and “Rose Blind” that foreshadow what’s to come. Even when Gold Class dials it back, as on “Trouble Fun” and “Mercurian,” it’s still tough stuff.

Following up their debut, It’s You, Gold Class’s sound has become more widescreen. Its depth is its strength, and without any apparent lulls throughout, your favorite song could change with every spin.¬†At the moment, “Thinking Of Strangers” and “Place We Go” are the lighter-wavers that we dig. Reminiscent in the tone and intensity of Protomartyr, the only question remaining is: when will they tour the States?

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