HEAR THIS: Funeral Advantage

August 29. 2017 | By Dustin Ragucos

Funeral Advantage are as syrupy sweet as they are tremendously heartbreaking. The Boston band’s lyrics are like droplets of aged wine. “I think that someone might have disappointed your heart in the formative years,” Tyler Kershaw sings along a dream pop beat (“The Hanging Cage”). Each reflection is ghost-like as it drowns in a river of dazzling, beauteous chords (“We Lost Our Home,” “Shining”). It is the contrast between fears, like the fear of having children (“Please Help Me”), and the dreamy rhythms that make Funeral Advantage more than a relatable band. They remind us that despite the bright sounds of life, there is still an overwhelming depression that can loom and suffocate. But who says you can’t dance to it?

Listen to a few of the tracks off of Please Help Me below. The EP is out now and available for purchase here.

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