HEAR THIS: Fortunes.

July 27. 2017 | By Mayumi Okamoto

Photo by Ben Clement

Meet Fortunes., the Melbourne-based duo of vocalist Conor McCabe and producer Barnaby Matthews. The band has been steadily building a following in Australia and their home country of New Zealand for a number of years and with their latest release of EP Undress, it’s not difficult to see why. The album’s electronic vibe lazily draws you into its lair of cool with a laid back R&B undertone. McCabe demonstrates impressive vocal runs, buttery in tone, leaving little room to come up for air.

Opening track “501’s” is an ode to that feeling of desire triggered by something very specific in the object of that desire – it’s carnal and intoxicating – and McCabe’s vocals drip with that feeling of inexplicable want. “Focus” is stripped bare opening quietly with Matthews’ downtempo beats slowly kicking in and building up in step with a beautiful eruption of falsetto at the close of the song and EP. Undress is out now on Future Classic.

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