HEAR THIS: Empires

May 16. 2014 | By Nori Bell-Bhuiyan


Towering and powerful, the sound of Chicago indie rock band, Empires, draws on grunge, nu-garage, the classic athemic rock influence of U2’s like and the soaring doom and moody fuzz of bands akin to Black Rebel Motorcycle Club and at a stretch perhaps even a heavier Modest Mouse to bring a sound that is urgent and attention-grabbing.

“How Good Does It Feel” (the latest single of the bands upcoming EP) feels nicely modern in its approach – sort of in the same line as alt rock acts like The National but a bit less low key and a bit more snarly – but still has a bit of a classic 80’s rock apparent in it. The vocals could have come of an early The Killers record. The Empires have put out two full lengths – Howl and Garage Hymns – and had a whole host of singles and EP’s steadily trickling out to keep the fans appeased, but as with any could bad they’re still developing and fine-tuning their sound. This new song could foresee a lean towards the rock-ier end of the spectrum, but only time (and EP releases) will tell.

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