HEAR THIS: Deerhunter

January 18. 2019 | By Jay Raco

Deerhunter‘s latest Why Hasn’t Everything Already Disappeared serves as a reflection of the weird and often foreign feeling place we are in as country and culture.  Nothings feels familiar anymore. The band’s latest and highly anticipated effort starts with the harpsichord heavy “Death in Midsummer.” Lyrics like “your friends have died, and their lives, they just fade away” sets the tone for some heavy shit. Darkness, decay, and resignation abound in the lyrics, but there is hope (HOPE!) by way of the music.

This is the most buoyant and airy Deerhunter have ever been.  The music has so much energy, and is stunningly beautiful in parts.  The drums drive the record forward, and we get treated to flat out jam sessions on “What Happens to People,” “No One’s Sleeping,” sing alongs on “Element,” and after the lyrics stop on “Nocturne,” it becomes almost danceable.

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