HEAR THIS: Culture Theft

April 04. 2014 | By Vicki Dolenga


Culture Theft, a trio from San Jose, California consisting of Stephanie Rue O’Neill, Chris Pounders and Thomas Tissot, wants to get you dancing! Their electronic pop makes you want to get up and move, though in different ways. Their first single, “Drift Away,” is more of a head-bobbing, mellow tune – and the video, shot at the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk, fits perfectly. The other song on their self-titled EP, “Hold Me, I’m Shaking,” is a bouncy electro romp. Their sound is reminiscent of both Youngblood Hawke and Human League, due to the music itself as well as the use of both a male and a female vocalist. If you’ve been in need of a new electro pop fix, Culture Theft is a must listen!

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