May 15. 2015 | By Wayne Jessup


We’re not too wrapped up in Numerology here at The Nest, but when a group calls themselves “S.F.’s 2nd loudest band”, suffice it to say you have our undivided attention. Chasms capture the pathos of everyday existence and find beauty in noise; this is the one band that can comfortably rep the Tenderloin. Subtle Bodies is the young persons’ guide to Chasms, reaching back to their cassette EP’s to pull all of Riser and half of When It Comes, along with an unreleased goody, to tell the story so far…

Showcasing a surprising range of sound for those who might only be familiar with their overwhelming live shows, “N.V.S.” is the beat-driven, 4AD inflected opener, and their gift for the hook is apparent on live staple “Riser”. The previously unreleased gem “Dissolution Into Clear Light” abandons the gothgaze template and heads straight to Sonic Youth (circa “Diamond Sea”) territory.

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