HEAR THIS: Bear’s Den

May 26. 2014 | By Katie


Bear’s Den has all the makings of a superstar folk group. Harmonies: check. Banjo: check. Anthemic choruses: check. The trio often gets compared to fellow folk-rockers, Mumford & Sons, but don’t treat that like a dirty word; both sets of Londoners excel in emotional deliveries, in achingly earnest expressions of love and loss. And on stage, both bands are something to behold.

Bear’s Den, however, take it a step further than Marcus Mumford and his ilk. Frontman Andrew Davie has a true gift in his cloudy, crackling voice, which lends each song new emotional weight. Between EPs Agape and Without/Within, the band traverses the full range of emotions, bringing listeners along for a soul-stirring journey. Relationships of all stripes get dissected in powerful ways: early single “Pompeii” follows a boy grappling with death; “Mother” addresses abandonment and abuse; “Agape” finds Davie caught in the (complicated) throes of love. Each story feels as real as our own victories and missteps on the path to happiness.

Though Bear’s Den will certainly be compared to the mess of folk groups gracing the radio waves, one listen proves that this band is something special. Listen to new EP Without/Within and hear it for yourself.

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