HEAR THIS: Bay of Plenty

June 19. 2012 | By Hillary Smith

You should give these guys a chance, mostly because they have plenty to offer. Kidding. But really though, this five-piece Norwegian rock band gives your ears something to hold on to at all times, whether it’s the fast percussion or lively guitar. Also, they’re a good listen if you’re feeling moody and want to self-indulge in the world view we call cynicism, but don’t want to actually be depressed. The distorted guitar riffs and fast percussion fuel a lot of their songs while the vocals are somewhat submerged in the in bass, guitar, drums, and piano offering you a chance: to be engaged or to let it do its thing while you do yours. Meaning you could easily be in the song and sing along with it or be lying around, doing something else and have it setting some sort of low-key-but-still-energetic atmosphere in the background.

Check out Bay of Plenty‘s “Take Heart” here:

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