HEAR THIS: A Girl I Know

October 22. 2012 | By Jennifer Shields

So an Owl was in Silverlake one night to catch Mister Loveless at the Satellite when A Girl I Know took the stage. What a fucking bonus! A band made up of actors who moonlight as musicians (or is it the other way around?) craft a sound that cannot be easily lumped into one genre. Beats, synths, an alluring female vocal that takes no prisoners…and you’re hooked. Their debut single features Jeremiah Bitsui’s call to party down and with these beats getting us in the mood, who’s going to say no? We see you scratching your head wondering where you’ve seen him before; Bitsui is also known as Victor on Breaking Bad. With catchy style and infectious joy throughout the video, if you’re not smiling by the end of this song, we know you have no soul.

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