February 05. 2013 | By Sarah Braverman

photo 2

Please, have a seat. Allow this Oxford native’s music to wash over you like the coming tide, let his lyrics trickle down your cheeks as the waves pull back to sea. This is what experiencing Jordan O’Shea’s Desperation, My Dear feels like to us. Think City and Colour’s unearthly sounds mixed with a pinch of Dashboard Confessional’s angst.

Littered with the ghosts of love and regret, O’Shea struggles to make sense of what remains. On “The Hopeless Saint Jude” he chants, “I would rather let my memories kill me, than kill my memories.” Most of us strive to forget our ugly pasts, but O’Shea embraces his knowing that it has shaped him.

Jordan O’Shea’s music hits us right in the heart asking: where has the time gone? What do we do now?

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