HEAR THIS: “Float” by The Ecstatics

March 01. 2013 | By Beth Durant


Hailing from the humble Portland, Oregon, The Ecstastics describe themselves as “Indie/Pop/Dance for the whole family to enjoy.” Whatever irony this may be said in, we can’t help but agree. The family friendly dance-happy track doesn’t hold many punches, and with ambitious production levels and melodic lyrics that don’t take much thought to take in, it definitely leaves us feeling just that little bit lighter.

Made up of a mere two members, Quincy Saunders and Eli Hirsch make the most of their influences. Citing Phoenix, Vampire Weekend, and The Strokes as some their main muses, you can definitely see the impact of this music on their songwriting, and whilst you would expect The Ecstatics to become a carbon copy of their predecessors, with their track “Float” they’ve managed to create something startlingly fresh.

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