DITTIES FROM DOWN UNDER: Aussie Picks for Coachella ~ Cut Copy

April 06. 2011 | By Catriona Noble

Ninteen eighties electro New Romantics dance rock sets the stage for Cut Copy. When disco turned electro, the underlying current delivered the same cause and effect. I like to describe Cut Copy as New Romantics without the 80’s bad hair and eye makeup. They are the Depeche Mode or Human League of this generation. This four piece have been carving up dance floors since 2001 with their exquisite tunes and live performances. Cut Copy was originally a solo project for frontman Dan Whitford to exercise his love of sampling and instrumental hip-hop. Strong, sultry, smouldering vocals back their melancholy inspired synth, sprinkled with gentle thinkling and dreamy melodies. Quite a sexy and upmarket style of dance floor going on with these guys. Prepare to sweat, for their profound ability to execute takes hold of your body. The seductive blend of electro with drum, bass and guitar bring back the thought provoking style of alternate dance mixed with the 80s.

The Aussies are in town… you know what to look for (hint: it bounces & has a pouch)!

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