HEAR THIS: Chaos Chaos

February 07. 2013 | By Vicki Dolenga


You may remember Chloe and Asy Saavedra from their former band, Smoosh. As the sisters got older – although they’re now only 18 and 20 – they found that their sound had evolved from the indie rock they used to make, and this change led to their new project, aptly named Chaos Chaos. “My Hands,” the first song off their EP, S, is an upbeat electropop song about a girl who’s tired of a guy who wants to own everybody. It’s just a taste of the electronic sounds of Chaos Chaos, and it definitely makes you want to hear more. The sisters’ unexpected foray into electropop came about due to not having a studio to record in, and we think everyone should be grateful for this happy accident.

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