BROOKLYN BEAT: Red Wire Black Wire

April 08. 2011 | By Kiri

Red Wire Black Wire

If you’re a sucker for glorious synth-rock, download Red Wire Black Wire‘s song “Breathing Fire” below, and you’re sure to be hooked right away when the instantly memorable synth line kicks in, backed by a fierce drumbeat. It’s soon joined by Doug Walters’ appealingly self-assured vocals setting the scene with “A million lights and a kick drum / The floor is moving slow / I’ve got a feeling ’bout this one / And we’re still young, you know.” These Wesleyan grads wear their hearts on their (metaphorically) sequined sleeves, giving us anthems that are affecting as well as danceable.

Red Wire Black Wire plays 285 Kent Ave. on April 9 and Spike Hill on April 15.

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