HEAR THIS: ArtClassSink

April 17. 2013 | By Bryan Wallace


We’ve all experienced it at some point in our lives (unless your schooling discouraged creativity), that moment when there is five-minutes left in the art period and your attempt at capturing that flower vase still life resulted in multi-colored palms and a cup filled with black water. Your next move is to head on over to the deep silver sink in the corner to wash up. The sink possesses an aroma of a classroom full of students who gave expressing themselves an honest shot for 50 minutes.

If Joe Biggs, Samuel Edwards, Jack Pilston, and Eliott Benoist walked up to the sink after finishing their track “Time To Go (Before The Rivalry)” for the first time, the odor would be reminiscent of an Oxford quartet who just concocted a first-rate balance of the shoegaze, psychedelic, and post-punk genres. These four fellas make up the

2010-founded band ArtClassSink.

Their first single “Time To Go (Before The Rivalry),” was recorded over at Safehouse Studios in Oxford with Tim Roberts, Kit Monteith, and Jamie Morris. The track deems ArtClassSink another burgeoning alternative band out of the bohemian Oxford art scene. Give your eardrums a little spring delight by experiencing the Morrissey-like vocals, the low and thump of Edwards and Pilston, and the riff-work of Biggs and Benoist on this 2:42 ditty.

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