HEAR THIS: Andrew St. James

October 21. 2013 | By Jennifer Shields


With most teenagers, we’ve been trained to set the bar low with a good commendation sounding more like a promise of potential instead of a real assessment. But listening to Andrew St. James’ debut album Doldrums is vastly different from this norm. St. James has a way of making the ladies want to crawl into his lap for some words of wisdom or the guys want to sit across a table from him at a bar for some sound advice.

Doldrums is a bold debut holding up over all 11 tracks that start with mature instincts and end with intrigue. Never letting up on our heartstrings, St. James’ distinct voice melts like butter across the instrumentations relentlessly through the entire album.

Doldrums is a collection of timeless melodies that we find ourselves calling on for several different moods, hanging on every note, and keeping close to our earholes for a long time to come.

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