“Within And Without” by Washed Out

July 11. 2011 | By Valerie C.

Washed Out
Within And Without
[Sub Pop]

Washed Out’s Ernest Greene has been teasing us since 2009, dropping tasty EP’s here and there. After signing with Sub Pop, we are finally treated to his first LP, co-produced by Ben Allen, producer of such acts as Deerhunter, Matt & Kim and Lenka to name a few. With nine tracks, it’s a fairly short album, but I don’t think anyone will mind since it contains such quality cuts.

Moby-esque opener “Eyes Be Closed”, gets us into the right vibe for the rest of the album. “Echoes” with its almost continual digi-drum and snare beats got my head bobbin’. “Soft” brought back all the good feelings from Washed Out’s own “Feel It All Around” back into the forefront of where feel-good music resides in my lobes. “You and I” is slow-burn beats and lo-fi goodness, while the ballad “A Dedication” puts Greene’s vocals front and center.

Listening to Within And Without feels a bit like déjà vu sometimes due to Greene’s penchant for sampling. He does so masterfully, putting his own Washed Out twist to each track. Washed Out delivers a delicious album full of lo-fi, chillwave cuts full of good vibes. Put the record on, mix yourself a nice icy cold drink, and lounge by the pool. Summer is upon us.

Download Washed Out – Amor Fati MP3 HERE!

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