ALBUM REVIEW: “Who Sleep The Sleep Of Peace” By George Sarah

April 17. 2012 | By Nick Williams

George Sarah
Who Sleep The Sleep Of Peace
[Pusan Music Group]

Pioneer for the fusion of electronica and classical since 1985, composer-turned-artist George Sarah continues to bridge the gap on Who Sleep The Sleep Of Peace. A whirl of synth drums, soaring violins, and the occasional forlorn female vocalist – this album does contain moments of genuine emotion & tragedy, however fruitless. We can truly feel his composer influence here, as the tracks fill spaces with sound, without making any significant or overt statement.

Ironically, some of the more uniquely polished tracks could fit nicely in a film score of such epic proportions as Avatar or the Battlestar Gallactica miniseries. There is an apocalyptic sensibility that Sarah employs – initially affecting and sentimental, yet soon becoming overwrought, even indulgent. As a whole, this album provides a sterile backdrop for a nice Sunday afternoon brunch, or a nice car ride through some Roman ruins, but may not pull you in like an Explosions in the Sky record.

However, standout track and chilling opener “Anna” shows where Sarah’s strength truly lies – in collaboration. Featuring guest vocals and lyrics from Angela McClusky, Sarah builds a game changer track reminiscent of a lonesome Damien Rice. In a world where we care more about MP3 downloads than
collective albums, Sarah triumphs well here with “Anna”.

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