ALBUM REVIEW: “Unpersons” by The Pack A.D.

September 02. 2011 | By Danielle

The Pack A.D.
[Mint Records]

The Pack A.D.’s fourth album is the equivalent of a satisfactory slap to an ex’s face. The album confronts the illusion of safety and stability in a relationship, dissecting a life gone wrong. Becky Black’s vocals are seething and poisonous one minute and fraught with despair the next. Scorn abounds on the sexy, swaggering “Rid of Me,” and the heartbroken “Seasick.” Highlight tracks include the foot-tapping, head-banging “Sirens,” the vibrating “Haunt You,” and the raw “Take.” The songs on Unpersons are blaringly honest and incredibly loud, the way all great break-up albums should be.

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