“Union” by Saint Saviour

July 24. 2012 | By Catriona Noble

Saint Saviour
[Surface Area]

She’s not called Saint Saviour for nothing. Powerfully delivered from a glorified saintly soul, every note instantly elevates you to an enchanted world of lyrics and exquisite music. From the second you press play, your feet gently lift off the floor and begin to float into a whole album of dreamy, cathedral angels and mystical voices. The perfect balance of electro and orchestra qualities creates the perfect treat.

Becky Jones’ intense vocals could be likened to Kate Bush, Sinead O’Connor, and The Cranberries, mixed into the electro dance world. “I Call This Home” is the stand out track; her intensity and power captures every emotion. ”Domino” is a combo of ground level hard truth and Becky’s angelic vocals, mixed in with some spoken rap. “Fallen Trees” is a gorgeous and very heartfelt tune. She has taken the time to learn under the likes of Groove Armada which she co-wrote and performed brilliantly on their last album.

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