ALBUM REVIEW: “Time To Run” by Lord Huron

October 09. 2012 | By Christine Cook


Lord Huron
Time to Run

Many artists make great albums, but few are capable of creating worlds. Lord Huron is one of those bands — taking listeners running through foreign places throughout their short, but sweet, EPs. The latest release from Michigan-born Ben Schneider is no different.

As always, the band’s one of a kind Middle Eastern sound is memorizing. The longer version of track “Time to Run” features drawn out instrumentation and love-laced lyrics; “The Man Who Lives Forever” is a plea for immortality; “We Went Wild” depicts a scene of beautiful chaos; and a re-mastered version of their hit “The Stranger” will, as always, steal your breath. This existence created by Lord Huron is irresistible. In fact, life lived like a Lord Huron song would be a wonderful one — no regrets, reveling in love and nostalgia, always running, dancing, rejoicing, and philosophizing. The good vibes delivered by the band’s latest EP can be summed up in two lines from the closing track “We Went Wild,” – “I thought good times could last forever, long nights and perfect weather.”

That’s how you feel when you listen to this LA Band: even if things don’t last forever, at least while they did, they were great.

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