“The Spark & The Fire” by Leftover Cuties

July 13. 2013 | By Jason Buettner

Leftover Cuties
The Spark & the Fire

When the opening track “Thick & Thin” begins off the California-based Leftover Cuties sophomore album The Spark & The Fire, you are whisked away to different time. Men wore tucked in shirts with suspenders and cool hats, while women wore polka dotted dresses and skirts. There was dancing, smoking, and more than likely illegal drinking because you were probably in a speakeasy.

Leftover Cuties combines elements of jazz and rag-time and give it subtle pop finish. These songs are almost an ode to a time period that celebrated skilled musicianship with craftsman-like songwriting. Led by lead singer Shirli McAllen’s sultry vocal work and backed by ukeleles, banjos, and trumpets, the songs range from romp-stomping anthems, “One Heart” and “All That Love” to tender ballads, “Clarity” and “What’s the Matter?”

Regardless if they sing about love lost or anew, the retro jazzy feel of the album will take you over and is meant to be enjoyed with a nice glass of scotch in a dark smokey bar with friends.

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