ALBUM REVIEW: “The Kaleidoscope” by Lemolo

July 02. 2012 | By Christine Cook

The Kaleidoscope

Simple, when done right, can be perfection.

Seattle dream-pop duo, Lemolo, has captured the beauty of simplicity with their long awaited debut LP, The Kaleidoscope.

These two women have taken the dream-pop genre hostage and made it entirely their own; the group boasts two members with handfuls of talent: Meagan Grandall leads with pure and clear vocals, while Kendra Cox holds things down on percussion (both play keys).

The opener, “Knives” introduces common strains that are thread throughout The Kaleidoscope. The entire album is haunting with an echoing quality about it. Each track begins with strong solo vocals by Grandall before wading into more complex melodies. The use of basic electric guitar and symbols build a progressive sound which is brought to completion by tribal drum beats before ending on a sultry note that deconstructs the buildup.

Whether fast or slow, each track creates an experience for listeners through simple, reflective lyrics.
Lemolo’s debut is a collection of honest, vulnerable songs that may bring you down for a while, but will always bring you back up.

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