"Tape Deck Heart" by Frank Turner

April 23. 2013 | By Andre Cruz


Frank Turner
Tape Deck Heart

On Frank Turner“s fifth studio album Tape Deck Heart we find the UK singer/songwriter building on his folky pop rock. His inclusion of a full band on his last few albums have helped him to incorporate more influences into his songwriting. Frank does his best at keeping long time listeners interested within the album by showcasing his punk rock roots and yelling his lyrics at times.

“Losing Days” and “The Way I Tend To Be,” borderline between playful and

quirky to contemporary rock. Luckily “Plain Sailing Weather” saves the day with its more edgy lyrics to accompany the toe tapping goodness that fills this song. The following track “Good & Gone” finds Frank treading familiar ground. No need for any fillers here, just his sincerely personal lyrics and acoustic guitar with very well-placed electric guitar and piano making brief appearances. “Tell Tale Heart” keeps it simple with a steady rhythm section, letting Frank”s guitar and vocals steal the spotlight. “Four Simple Words,” which happens to be

“I Want To Dance” is a full on punk rock jam that is sure to have any listener wanting to get into it. This album has the potential of gaining Frank Turner a few more listeners, while keeping his long time followers content. All the popularity and recognition will be well warranted for someone who really only cares of making good music.

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