ALBUM REVIEW: “Super Treatment” by Heavy Cream

May 07. 2012 | By Gina Cargas

Heavy Cream
Super Treatment
[Infinity Cat]

Imagine Joan Jett was born in the late ’80s. She grew up, and instead of moving to L.A.—she became a 21st century Williamsburg transplant. Well, that seems to be the sound Nashville garage punk outfit Heavy Cream is going for. Their latest album, Super Treatment, evokes lady-grunge of the highest order. Fast, dangerous, and largely addictive, it aims to be the perfect soundtrack for a beer-pounding, hate-your-dad kind of Saturday night. Unfortunately, low production quality and emotionless lyrics detract from its musical success.

Despite its many failings, Super Treatment features a few excellent tracks. Powerful, untamed, and brimming with rage, songs like “’79” and “T.V. Preachers” instantly sound out. Sadly, these tunes are exceptions to Heavy Cream’s status quo. The rest of Super Treatment is tainted by tinny production and uninteresting vocals. Luckily, the album clocks in at 26 minutes—not quite enough time to get truly tiresome. So, while Heavy Cream’s punk intentions are clearly noble, the band has missed the mark. Sharp, metallic, and ultimately exasperating, Super Treatment is a mediocre release from an emerging group with untapped potential.

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