ALBUM REVIEW: “Self-Titled” by The Bynars

April 25. 2011 | By Sara Appelbaum

The Bynars

“Bynar: a race of humanoids native to the planet Bynaus in the Beta Magelian system. When a Bynar is born, a surgeon removes the child’s parietal lobe (science note: the parietal lobe is responsible for sensation, perception of surroundings, and integrating sensory input)…when they speak to each other, they use a high frequency sound that is unintelligible to humans.” Aptly put, Star Trek wikipedia.

Coming up with the name for their band is possibly the most focused, creative achievement the Boston based Bynars will ever accomplish. While they display moments of ’60s-inspired pop at its peak and well executed harmonies, the end result is a C+/B- suburban themed, middle of the road, college band in a bad teen movie. “How Does It Feel To Be In Love” was surely commissioned by Disney for its next vapid paint-by-numbers coming of age embarrassment. A three-piece puzzle of vanilla pop chords, predictable beat transitions, and a pathetic attempt at keyboard accompaniment, the track describes the ups and downs of falling in love in a language meant solely for the Bynard kind.

Which brings me to the most disappointing discovery of my exploration into deep space Bynar; the uninspired, rudimentary lyrics that should have been a deliberate attempt at parody (admirable), but are not (irritating). In the comatose-inducing ditty “Party All Night,” the listener is graced with the gem, “All my stuff is wack/Just like this here…track.” Exactly.

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