ALBUM REVIEW: “Robobo” by Wazu

October 30. 2012 | By Valerie Veteto


Just in time for Halloween comes Wazu‘s Robobo, a collective of fog-machine dancehall songs. Dark wave, neo-’80s, and dipped in gothic undertones, the Aussie duo have released a hit. It would be perfect to blast during any badly-lit Halloween shindig this week.

What stands out the most on the first few listens is how perfectly it pairs the best of the ’80s industrial sound with modern electro-synth hooks. Vocals are foreboding and low, while build-ups have spooky instrumentals before bursting into the apocalyptic robotic beat. It’s not music to grin to, but you should probably shake your black leather clad ass. Think Depeche Mode, but with a face-lift. The first track, “Councillor,” premiered on Vice, and the edgy-sexiness speaks of the expectations a night out can bring — the kind where sweetness is expelled with each cigarette drag.

Set to release exactly on Halloween, Wazu’s Robobo is an album you definitely shouldn’t miss, especially if you’ve worn out your Violator cassette.

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