“Reality Strikes” by Le Trouble

November 05. 2013 | By Sara Appelbaum


Le Trouble
Reality Strikes
[Lava Records]

The biggest disappointment about Reality Strikes is it’s only six songs. The refreshing EP from Le Trouble is a savory mixture of relentlessly driving, energetic rock with just a sprinkle of indie tech flair, leading to the question every good cook loves hearing, “How did you DO that?”

No track sounds the same, which is stimulating, and a complete tease.¬†Springboard track “Mission Bell” sets up a manic, abrasive moshing pace. The second track, “Help You Out,” brings the listener deeper into the experience with ass shaking indie pop and carefree lyrics. Sandwiched between it all is “Fine Line,” smooth and dreamy, lulling you into a romantic state of glazed eyes and forgotten drives along the coast. “Red Shirt,” the final track, is a crusty baguette elbow jab at anyone who takes themselves too seriously, especially you, sir, in that silly red shirt. And somehow every track is a dance party? What the what?! You’ve gotta try it for yourself.

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