ALBUM REVIEW: “Rapprocher” by Class Actress

October 17. 2011 | By Vanessa

Class Actress
[Carpark Records]

This week the electropop world gets a gift called Rapprocher and it’s all tied up in a dark little bow by Brooklyn’s Class Actress. The album, on Carpark records, is the debut for Elizabeth Harper and producers Scott Rosenthal and Mark Richardson. Often compared to early Madonna, the groovy tunes from this trio have been savored by listeners since their 2010 EP Journal of Ardency. If Rapprocher doesn’t hit you right away, don’t give up on it. The heaviness of the synthesizers can be a little intense at first if you’re not ready for it, but there are many layers to uncover with this album.

Harper’s tantalizing vocals alone are enough to draw you back in for more as she mesmerizes with mystery and vulnerable sensibilities. Her lyrics resemble an emotional cat and mouse game as she slinks away from pain yet inevitably pounces back for more; all the while the beats create a dance party like no other, providing the unavoidable urge to groove to tunes like “All The Saints” and “Love Me Like You Used To.” An instantly likeable track, “Bienvenue” is the most melodic with a New Order-like quality to it. A must for any road trip, “Weekend” is one of those driving with the top down kind of songs. Rapprocher (meaning “to come closer” in French) is sure to lure you in providing new discoveries with every listen.

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