“Obsidian” by Baths

May 28. 2013 | By Jon Allmond



Making a dramatic shift from his effervescent 2010 debut, Cerulean, Los Angeles’ Baths has returned three years later to draw us all into yet another work full of dynamic textures and emotion.

With Obsidian, Baths lets the darkness flow out from every corner, and though his luminous roots are still present, they take a backseat to his newfound direction. The opening tracks, “Worsening” and “Miasma Sky,” are the calm before the storm and each one works as the perfect introduction to Baths passion filled, forty minute journey. “Incompatible” shows Baths at his most vulnerable behind the backdrop of sullen tones and swirling electronics, while “Earth Death” demonstrates Baths somber mood to the fullest by slithering its way throughout a bleak, industrialized atmosphere.

If Cerulean left you with any preconceptions of what to expect then Obsidian is here for you to throw all of those out of the window, and regardless of if you’re a fan of Baths or not, this album is sure to change your impression.

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