ALBUM REVIEW: “Mount Modern” by Dad Rocks!

November 08. 2011 | By Sharon Payne

Dad Rocks!
Mount Modern
[Paper Garden Records]

Dad Rocks! is the solo project of Icelandic musician, Snaevar Njall Albertsson. Mount Modern is his first full-length release.

Albertsson’s deep baritone voice is strangely juxtaposed over very melodic and delicate arrangements including horns, piano, and beautiful guitar work. This contrast somehow doesn’t work on a few songs on the album and Albertsson’s lyrics take away from the potential impact at times. For example, “Pants” has a beautiful composition of layered vocals and horns and hand claps, but because of the crude lyrics, you’re left with regret for the indie anthem it might have been. “And then you’re covered in shit and you don’t think you’re fit to be raising a kid that gets to suck on all the tits.”

When it does work, however, it creates a very memorable and unique sound, blending elements of traditional folk, low-fi, and pop sounds. “Take Care” is both musically and lyrically thought-provoking and remarkable and “Livestock” features a guitar-driven Americana success with a statement on the need for his disconnect from electronics and a connection to nature.

Download “Mount Modern” and “Weapons” here.

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