“Morning Weather” by KG Bird

May 07. 2013 | By Ace Ubas

KG Bird_promo image

KG Bird
Morning Weather
[Self Released]

On their debut EP Morning Weather, Los Angeles-based KG Bird nods towards classic vintage sounds while binding it together with their spin on modern folk-rock that is just in time for the approaching summer. Simply put, it’s a fun effort. But what sets KG Bird apart from the rest of the pretentious guitar-twang bands is their old-school charm that’s transparent in each song.

Led by siblings Tim (guitar) and Chris James (guitar/vocals), KG Bird opens with “Pull The Mask Off.” It’s simple in structure, but grabs your attention with infectious guitar hooks and steady beat. The vocals also have a certain inflection to them that gives it a warm rockabilly tone. “Suffer Tiny Whales” slows down the pace with its bluesy chord progressions that builds towards a frenetic swirl near the five minute mark. Closing out the EP is the trio of “Morning Weather,” “I’m a Child,” and “Parlor,” which evoke the folk melody style of the ’60s/’70s akin to The Zombies with a dash of Ziggy Stardust-era Bowie.

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