ALBUM REVIEW: “More” by The Shivers

May 08. 2011 | By Sara Appelbaum

The Shivers
[Silence Breaks]

The Shivers, by nature, run the gamut of sound. Sometimes dreamy and soft, reminiscent of Iron and Wine, other times electro pop, and still others New York ’50s blues. This could, in part, be due to the bands’ many incarnations, but I like to think it’s a character trait which implies a readiness to take risks and keep their fans thoroughly on their toes. When you have the voice of Keith Zarriello skillfully accompanied by organist/pianist Jo Schornikow, why not shoot for the moon? Their newest album More does just that. Love is the theme, and The Shivers have put music to the infinite ways love touches, inspires, and destroys, but thankfully never takes itself too seriously. “Used To Be” (free download below) is a head-bopping romp, delightfully synthed up and radio ready. “Irrational Love” is a wonderful throwback to early 1960’s drive-in pop and immediately reminded me of Jay and the Americans. “More,” the final track of the album is a beautifully mellow tribute to the ache of love, complete with solemn, effective military drums, and soaring piano. Zarriello is fully aware of the reach, power and identity his voice is capable of achieving and it comes to a poignant head on this track. Perfect for summer and listenable all the way through, fans of both new and old will not be disappointed.

Download “Used to Be,” track 4 on the album here.

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