ALBUM REVIEW: “Magic Fountain” by Art vs. Science

March 15. 2011 | By Christopher Allen

Art vs. Science
Magic Fountain EP
[Beverly Martel]

I hate dance clubs. We’re talking a deep, burning hatred that resembles the frantic lunatic sentiment present in Sheen’s recent coke-induced ramblings. Imagine my surprise then, when I hear something that makes me want to dance. I actually thought in my head, “damn, this would make some kick-ass club music” upon my first listen. In fact, I’d frequent the bombastic douche-pits far more regularly if Art vs. Science became a spinning staple.

It’s quite remarkable that a 3-piece set of Aussie rockers could produce a dance-punk type style so lively and bursting with energy that my lame, boring ass would want to dance. On their most recent (to the states) EP, Magic Fountain, I dissected the tunes, and found a sound that was fun while being somewhat complex draped over a driving beat chomping at the bit to shred your eardrums and splatter gray matter.

Take for example, the title track that builds anticipation as any good electronica beat does, and suddenly BLASTS you with a heavily distorted guitar ditty the repeats through the entire track all over that damned beat. If your eardrums weren’t yet decimated, take a listen to “Parlez Vous Francais?” (what’s that, French?) and any remaining think juice will be replaced with a beat that’s hard-wired to take control of your motor functions, while the repeating “Parlez Vous Francais” anthem will become your vocabulary. Wicked.

FREE MP3 of Kissy Sell Out’s Remix of “Magic Fountain” HERE!

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