ALBUM REVIEW: “Love Notes/Letter Bombs” by The Submarines

April 01. 2011 | By Christopher Allen

The Submarines
Love Notes/Letter Bombs

Sometimes you just want some good ol’ fashioned feel-good music. You know what I’m talking about? Tuneage that’s bursting with so many up-beat feel-good vibes that a double rainbow would feel gray just hits the spot at times. Today was a rare, cold, rainy day in SoCal, but spinning up The Submarines newest Love Notes/LetterBombs made the sun shine while the rain fell.

You’re probably anticipating some sort of hippy-dippy flower-power love jams,but that’s just not the case. The LA-based duo turns out some pretty awesome indie-fare with tambourines, electronica, and guitars melted together, but it’s Blake Hazard’s delightfully delicate vocals sprinkled on top that really set the tone. Trackslike “Fire” and “Plans” really exemplify this, while tracks like “Ivaloo” showcase both Blake and John on vocals giving a Band of Horses-meets-Sara Bareilles typefeel that I can really get into.

The two are a couple, and what’s rad is their ability to send lyrics straight to the soul. The album concludes with “Anymore” which lyrically drills right at your heart if you’re ever been in a rough relationship (who, me?). But, the lyrics are juxtaposedwith Blake’s voice in a delivery that’s driving, gentle, upbeat, and distinct leaving you moved to want to either laugh or cry. In all, I think LoveNotes/Letter Bombs should be a staple in any music lover’s library as it’s a great addition to the feel happy anytime space.

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