ALBUM REVIEW: “Loud Planes Fly Low” by The Rosebuds

May 27. 2011 | By Dustin Shey

The Rosebuds
Confessions Of A Website Copywriter. Loud Planes Fly Low
[Merge Records]

Once upon a time, The Rosebuds bandmates Ivan Howard and Kelly Crisp were married. In fact, they started the band just days after tying the knot and with a few albums under their belt, the duo called their relationship off. Loud Planes Fly Low is the phoenix rising from their love story gone wrong and what I could only feel must have been a tough album to write, much less record.

The website for Loud Planes Fly Low tells how lead singer Ivan Howard wept in the isolated vocal booth as he sang the last song on the album, “Worthwhile.” With lyrics like “I packed a box of our stuff, so I’ve got nothing to open up” it’s understandable, you’d cry to.

Musically the duo isn’t pushing any boundaries you haven’t seen on any prior records, but they’ve gotten cleaner and ‘hookier’ with their songs. And we all know, there’s nothing like wailing at the top of your lungs a pop song that has sad lyrics.  “I wanna feel, something way out here, need something to happen now, even if it fucks me up.” (“Come Visit Me”)

If every now and then you’re waiting for the right mellow pop group to come along and capture your attention, The Rosebuds have done just that on Loud Planes Fly Low. It’s something I can listen to in the background and doesn’t annoy me after a few spins. And the deeper I dive into the lyrical content of the broken couple, I’m happy that once upon a time, The Rosebuds got a divorce and came to their senses when it came to their god-given right to a music marriage. This is their best yet.

Make sure you grab the free mp3 below and check them out on tour supporting Bon Iver in the upcoming months.

Confessions Of A Website Copywriter.

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