"In And Out Of Weeks" by Highasakite

March 05. 2013 | By Mack Hayden


Highasakite was conceived when vocalist Ingrid Havik and drummer Trond Bersu met at the Trondheim Jazz Conservatory. Its interesting because there’s nothing particularly jazzy about the band besides their desire to create wandering landscapes of sound. As the Swedish and Icelandic brands of pop/rock experimentation keep fermenting, changing and morphing into myriad colors, this band from Norway gives us a window into yet another far-off land’s sonic geography.

“Son Of A Bitch” is any song from Born in the U.S.A. injected with a sense of understatement foreign to Springsteen and other ‘80s stadium rockers. The Boss comparisons can be shuffled off into the accidental by the time second track, “Winners Don’t Come Easy,” starts. It comes together as an echo, faraway pleas of vocals and keys. “Indian Summer” opens up like Passion Pit closing out a night on the turntables. “In And Out Of Weeks,” obviously the title track, is the best song here. Its a cinematic piece of pop, dreamy and meditative, like a drive through rain just shy of sleet. “Whatever That Means” meanders a bit too much to be compelling in its own right, ultimately disappointing as any album should close with a bang.

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