ALBUM REVIEW: “Great Heat” by The Bell

April 04. 2011 | By Jennifer Shields

The Bell
Great Heat
[Badman Recording]

I marvel at technology on a regular basis but when I realized how technology assisted The Bell in bringing us Great Heat, I have never appreciated it more. With band members living 320 miles apart in Sweden, they were able to rely on email and Skype to co-write and record the entire album.

The 9 song collection of tracks that inspire me to get up and dance are reminiscent of The Pet Shop Boys and Oingo Boingo. The single “Today” is quite catchy with a memorable chorus “Todaaay, Todaaay, I don’t want to wait another day”. It takes me back to when I replayed Boingo’s “We Close Our Eyes” repeatedly until my roommate couldn’t take it anymore. As they say, history repeats itself and it will in my house with that song and probably the first track “Holiday” as well.

“23 Seconds” is perfect as the last track bringing the party to an end with a down tempo, soothing beat. Great Heat is full of catchy melodies and is an encouragement to my “Life is a Dance Party” attitude. What more could one ask for?

Free MP3: “Today”

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