ALBUM REVIEW: “Go With Me” by Seapony

May 30. 2011 | By Jamie Lynn

Go With Me
[Hardly Art]

Among the tags associated with this band are indie, lo-fi pop, surf pop, and twee. Ok, indie I get as I had never heard of them before being handed this album. Lo-fi, sure, I guess that works too. The sound has fuzzy guitars and breathy voice. Surf pop mystifies me some, but their name is Seapony and they are from Seattle! Twee is listed in the dictionary as meaning affectedly dainty and quaint, and somehow completely perfect for this band’s sound. Go With Me kicks off with a great guitar intro of “Dreaming,” but then the lyrics come in: “whenever I see you/ I know that dreams are coming true.”

The whole album is like this, shiny little catchy guitar riffs, then dribbles out banalities for lyrics, usually rhyming you and me with something or even worse, “always together/always forever.” Belle & Sebastian combines this sort of quiet pop music with wickedly sarcastic and tongue in cheek lyrics; so think of Seapony as a virgin spicy bloody mary — everything is there, but it’s still missing the Tabasco and pepper vodka.

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