ALBUM REVIEW: “Find North” by Echorev

September 06. 2011 | By Jennifer Shields

Find North

[Monkey Rock]

“Just chill,” says Echorev through their latest album Find North. “Curl up with our sensitive and understanding lyrics, envelope yourself in our serene, genial vocals, and escape the abrasive world in which you live.”

And what choice is there? My advice? Push play for the first time on this one only when you are able to commit to 32 minutes of peace and reverence. “Explosions” is a great mood transformer after a long day at work (however, the loudly missing rainfall sound effect is ever-present at the end). The star of this album is the song “Sparks” with a pleasant beat, beautiful hooks, and relatable yet artistic lyrics: “I swear we’ve met before, somewhere perhaps we were not born, two sparks dancing in the dark, where time could not keep us apart.”

With anthem quality and many a sing-a-long moment in all tracks, I’m highly anticipating some west coast love in the form of a live show from Echorev who is currently spending the majority of their touring time on the east coast and in Europe (hint, hint!)

Listen to the first song off Find North, “Sparks” here.

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